Move Uintah Forward – Support the Unicorn Rainbow Run today!

Help the PTA give Uintah Students the best year ever! 

The PTA is hosting an amazing color run, and we need your support to make the following possible: 

  • You’ll help fund memorable events like Fun Run, Science Fest and Field Day, essential programs like Teacher Appreciation, and more. None of the fun events throughout the year are possible without your support.

  • Did you know that Uintah is the only public elementary in the district that offers classes in Drama, Dance, Music AND Visual Art? Art helps kids express their creativity, relieves stress, and encourages cognitive development. A portion of the money raised this fall will be used in conjunction with Art Night funds to support and strengthen our Arts programs. 

  • Thanks to our amazing educators and your past support of science fundraising, Uintah’s science scores are some of the best in Utah. But, with your help, we believe we can raise our Science education to the next level by funding field trips, supplementary materials, and educational opportunities for Science, Math and Technology.  The more we raise, the more we can put towards this goal!

We’ll need $20,000 to cover the basics, but if every student collects donations of $100 or more, we could make it to $40,000! The more we raise, the more the kids can explore! 

Click Here to Donate today!

Fundraiser Information for Uintah Families

Turn Pledge Envelopes in to your Classroom Teacher on Oct. 12!*

Thank you for participating in the First Annual Unicorn Rainbow Run Fundraiser! Your support means so much to the kids and our community!

Our kids will ask friends and family to sponsor them for the Fun Run, and will be entered to win fun prizes for their hard work. We’ll have class parties for the top-earning and top-participating classes, and school-wide rewards if we reach our goals. On Oct. 12 the entire school will celebrate with not just a Fun Run, but a Unicorn Rainbow Run, with a free Unicorn T-shirt for every student to wear in the color run (same route, more fun, colors on the home stretch)! Rainbow Run information can be found here.

Here is the detailed information for the fundraiser – hard copies of all of these have been send home with your student, but we’ve provided a backup here *just in case*.

*We’ll accept envelopes before the 12th (please turn early envelopes in to the office), but really encourage you to hold onto them until the 12th so you have time to collect all your donations, and we can collect them in a single day. Thank you!

Email with any questions and we’ll do our best to respond quickly. Thanks!