About Uintah PTA

What is the Uintah Elementary PTA?

We support our students, parents and teachers by sponsoring fun activities, learning opportunities, arts programs and more. We are a strictly volunteer-run organization, and the largest donation you can make by far is with your time! Sign up at uintahslc.memberhub.com/store to join the PTA and get involved – email UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com for details

When we raise funds, through Merchandise sales, Membership Fees, Fundraisers, and Art Night, those funds go almost entirely straight back to the Uintah community*. If you want to be involved, please join us in the PTA!

Meetings are at 7 pm the first Tuesday of every month (in Sept. and Jan it will be the first Tuesday that school is in session). All Uintah PTA members, faculty, and parents or guardians are welcome to attend. Meetings will alternate in person (in Room 210) and on Zoom. Zoom links will be sent to every member, and can also be provided on request – just email UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com

Thanks so much for visiting our website. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via email at UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com

*Uintah Elementary PTA does spend about $500 a year on administrative costs. The bulk of that is required liability insurance for our school-wide events. We also spend a small amount on maintaining and hosting this website. The remainder goes to office supplies and the like.

PTA Meetings

Follow this link for a list of upcoming PTA meetings, copies of the meeting minutes, and recordings of the Zoom Meetings.

Uintah PTA 2022-2023 Board*

PresidentSharri Morley
President-ElectSarah Lowe
TreasurerAlisha Norman
SecretaryEllen Schwede
Teacher RepresentativeLori Briggs-Cook
Events & FundraisingSarah Lowe
Programs & VolunteersSharri Morley
Membership / DirectoryJessica Norton
Teacher AppreciationJulianne Harmon
Fall FestSarah Lowe & Committee
Rainbow RunMegan Gibbons, Sarah Lowe
Spirit WearRandi Patch
Uintah CaresRebecca Kobar & Committee
YearbookJamie Cragg
Bagels & CoffeeAnnie Davis
Community Movie Night on the LawnCarrie Jensen
Science FestSharri Morley, Amanda Funai, Ellen Schwede
ReflectionsRebecca Kobar
Lunch on the GreenAshley Ord
Art NightNailah Mansa & Committee
6th Grade Graduation
Utah PTA RepresentativeRebecca Kobar
Social MediaJoy Maxwell
We’d love to see your name on this list! Contact UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com to let us know how you’d like to be involved. Board positions can be filled singly, or find a co-chair (or two) to share the load!

*It has become unfortunately common for PTA board member emails to be spoofed in phishing scams. Please carefully check the email address of any email purporting to be from Uintah PTA – it should not contain any long strings of random numbers or letters – and be cautious about clicking any links. We will never ask individual members for gift cards or other monetary contributions – fundraising is always done school-wide, and donations should always be made through the main donation platform or dropped off at the school office. Money should NEVER be sent over Venmo or to an individual claiming to be PTA. Please see this link for more information on this subject: https://capta.org/online-security-for-ptas/ Contact UintahUnicornsPTA@gmail.com if you receive a suspicious email, and we can help verify it for you.